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Professional Storytelling and Storyboarding Techniques for Live Action and Animation

mai 21, 2019  by Lionel Pouchard  |  Workshop - Masterclass - Professional Training - Consulting - Interview Approach

Storyboard plays a very important role in film production because it detaily provides a visual layout and effectively describes most of the technical details that will be used during shooting or animating.

But as a great storyboard artist, you must be a great storyteller.

Completing my storytelling and storyboard workshop or masterclass, you will be introduced to their role in animation or live action film.

You will gain the skills that are necessary for cooperation with directors, producers, animators and other important collaborators in the preparation of a feature film.

You also will improve visualization of a scene and will learn about all film sectors roles that affect on development of storyboard.

My workshop and Masterclass could be attended by students or storyboard artists who have either basic or advanced drawing skills and mainly have the ambition to upgrade their knowledge and prepare themselves for work in film industry. It will cover methods and exercises to help you generate ideas and learn tips and tricks currently used in storytelling and storyboarding.

If you have any question, please contact me for further information.


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