you want to take or organise a great storytelling and storyboarding masterclass?

Storytelling and storyboarding have a really close and undeniable relationship: the story itself.

Stories have been a staple of human experience and expression since the dawn of time.

Everyone loves stories. It’s a fact. We like to watch, read, see and hear stories.

Stories engage. Stories teach. Stories sell. We loves stories because we are all made of stories. Everyone, everything, every brand or business has a story.

When we listen stories, empathy and identification come into play. The emotions we feel connect us with the narrative.

Many people think that the gift of storytelling belongs only to writers, shamans, and the very old. The reality is we are all storytellers from the very earliest days of our lives. This is something we all do naturally.

There is however a difference between good storytelling and great storytelling.

When we tell a story, we try to write about an event in our life that made we feel some particular way. And what we are trying to do, when we tell a story, is to get the audience to have that same feeling.

In order to achieve this efficently, never forget that the audience is our customer.